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Do you need a reliable contractor to renovate your home in Pine Mountain Valley, GA? Call Columbus Remodeling Contractors. We offer excellent service, extensive industry experience, and affordable rates.

We’ve been serving Columbus and the surrounding areas for thirty years now. We built our business by offering exceptional, old-fashioned customer service. That means keeping the promises that we make and always acting in your best interests.

Give us a call today and find out what we can do for you. We’re happy to offer you a free quote. Take our quote and compare it to those from other contractors if you like. You won’t find a better deal.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Trends for kitchens and bathrooms change so fast it can be dizzying. It’s hard to keep with the trends over the past few years. Who still remembers the Biggie Best phase from twenty or so years ago?

Is your kitchen or bathroom stuck in a time warp?  Get in touch, and we’ll discuss your options to update these rooms.

Additions and New Builds

Maybe you’d like an extra room to act as a study or sunroom. Perhaps you need a spare bedroom. Or maybe you want someone reliable to build your new house. Call us and experience our service difference for yourself.


If your flooring is looking a little dull and bland, pick up that phone. We’ll leave you floored with our exceptional service!


Painting your home, inside or out, can be a messy job. Many people start with great intentions, thinking it’s the perfect DIY project. Save yourself the hassle. Painting is simple enough, but it takes a while if you’re working on it part-time.

Why drag out the inconvenience over several weekends when we can get the job done in a couple of days?

About Pine Mountain Valley, GA

No one visits Pine Mountain Valley for its bustling nightlife scene. They visit for the clean air and wide-open space. Take the opportunity to explore the Pine Mountain Valley Trail. It’s a reasonably straight-forward hike consisting of 22 miles of track. The countryside is beautiful.